About Us

Bhaji Dabba is one of the leading Marriage Bhaji Box, Indian Wedding Bhaji Boxes provider, Exclusive Bhaji Box, Bhaji Dabba Special Box, Elite Bhaji Dabaa Wedding boxes, any individual can order online and Send Bhaji Dabba | Bhajidabba.com delivering you with an assortment of traditional Indian sweets and snacks to your Doorsteps.

We prefer making our food products according to the genuine and traditional style that requires the usage of pure desi ghee and other unadulterated raw materials. Our name brings the stature of cleanliness and purity in our services and products. We focus on power managing our raw material suppliers so that the tradition remains embellished.

Bhaji Dabba is ready to serve you with –

  • We serve all varieties of traditional Indian sweets and snacks to all locations across the country.
  • We serve different varieties of Namkeen, each one of which will melt into a different flavor in your palette.
  • We also serve all types of traditional Indian sweets which are highly appreciated by everyone. Special demands are also met by us in case of a bulk order to weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other get together.
  • We depend solely on organic products such as cow milk, cow ghee and cow butter for all our preparations.
  • We are expanding our product gallery continually and serving a varied range of products that will make a healthy India without compromising with taste.
  • We are looking to add all types of traditional Indian sweets that are popular in regional areas to serve everyone with their special "childhood sweet".
  • We provide personalized Bhaji Dabba to wedding groups even at short deadlines.
  • We cater with same day delivery services also at urgent calls.
  • We make sure that delivery takes place on the given location exactly at the date and time mentioned if not before. Impeccability of time is very dear to us.
  • We understand that a marriage invites a large number of tasks, therefore, we also provide help with bulk orders of prasadam and chappan bhog.

“Our products are 100% natural PURE!!”

Assured Quality - Several food products and bulk order providers use adulterated ghee and other contaminated raw materials to cut corners in order to earn more profit. People all around the world look for the products with quality and Bhaiji Dhaba delivers items that are unmatched in terms of quality. Our main intent is on showcasing the finest quality of edibles which are not only tasty but healthy as well.

Our quality team is very careful about the quality of items that are produced and we are very rigid with our quality standards as well. Anything incapable to meet the standards is not allowed in the market. We make sure that all our products are BRC certified so that nobody has any problem after consuming our products. We just don’t want to add a new flavor to your mouth but we also want to make sure that you are healthy.

We have a defined protocol for production and quality check of our products. Some of the important points are highlighted for you -

  • Keeping a track of the valuable feedback of our customer and imbibing them in our products.
  • Regular monitoring of the suppliers against the set standards
  • Training programs for our employees to help them gain knowledge about the products.
  • Quarterly audit of the processing done internally
  • Regular review of the audit, reviews, and complaints by the management to ensure quality

“We serve premium range of sweets & savories!”

Our visions - We are a food brand and our main motto is to make India even healthy without compensating for taste. Our vision is further elaborated as -

  • Develop the brand name of Indian traditional snacks and make it popular across the globe with our efforts.
  • Achieving continuous business growth by passing the standards set by our beloved customers and adding new tastes to their tongue on a regular basis
  • Coming up with some innovative snack items that will make everyone wonder and filled with delight.
  • Providing a different variety of sweets at affordable prices to make sure everyone can have a taste of our snacks.
  • Our mission is also enhancing the milk and dairy based products and making the world realize that it is better to consume cow milk’s item rather than slaughtering our sacred cows.

“We provide organic fresh cow milk products and other dairy products!!”

 Our mission - Our mission is very simple which is to make a name for ourselves by changing the flavors of your tongue. We want to create a market place where everyone can get quality products at affordable prices. Some of the highlights of our mission are -

  • Promoting the traditional Indian sweets and snacks and giving them a global platform to showcase the world what India has in store.
  • To make the best use of dairy based products made up of cow’s milk. We provide pure cow Ghee and butter the competitive rates to our clients.
  • Abiding by the laws and helping in maintaining the ecological balance.
  • We provide a caring and loving platform to all our employees that will further attract the top cream of the market. We want to be a family that serves a larger family called world.
  • Working in a fair and corruption free manner to enhance the growth of nation.
  • Enhancing the net worth of our valuable share holders who believe in us
  • Return to the society by helping in the social needs and deeds.
  • Making use of the innovation to stay one step ahead of our competitors and winning the hearts of our customers.

“We want to become a paradise for sweet lovers!!”

Our expansion plans - We are currently serving the whole of India through our New Delhi office but we are planning to open our stores across all the major centers in India. Our online platform is still ready to serve everyone but we intend to reach you personally and thus we are going to start our centers in various cities very soon. We want to imbibe the taste on everybody’s taste-buds. We are also looking to take the Indian flavors across the Globe and will also start delivery in locations outside India very soon.

                               “We offer Doorstep delivery on all orders!!”



Our achievements - Although, we do not have any awards to show our achievements, our quickly expanding customer base is our achievement. The faith you people are putting on us is bigger than any award which we can get. We try to serve you the best you can and your showers of love act as the fuel to help us serve better.

                                             “Made to perfection”